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Uncategorized | January 28, 2021 Davis Graham Webinar: Winning on Social Media – ​Crisis Management in an Echo Chamber

“Companies trying to protect their good names are increasingly coming under assault from small-scale antagonists: dissatisfied customers, disgruntled employees – virtually anyone with a personal computer and an ax to grind.” Harvard Business Review

Law firms, lawyers, companies, and business leaders spend years building a sterling reputation that social media trolls can tear apart in seconds. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more – have become a primary information source and a dominant driver of reputation for individuals and organizations. Experience has shown that the faster and more forthright an organization is when it responds to thorny, emerging issues on social media, the more likely it is to contain or neutralize what might otherwise become an extended and damaging attack on its reputation and brand.

The challenge: To quickly assess which online comments and activity warrant a response, the degree of response called for, and the content of that response – especially in situations where not all the facts are known and multiple parties within the organization must have a say in what is issued.

This one-hour seminar places heavy emphasis on pragmatic, practical tools you can use to help your clients or your law firm succeed on social media. Those best practices include:

  • How the fundamental rules of effective crisis communications apply to social media.
  • What to do with your social media channels before the crisis.
  • How to evaluate social media threats and how that assessment informs your response.
  • How to leverage your social media accounts and make them work for you in reaching key stakeholders – the people who care most about you and your organization.
  • The overall approaches that apply to all social media interaction.
  • Specific action steps to take when dealing with social media threats.
  • Social media as a key element of crisis communication plans.

Even if you work for an organization with its own PR or marketing department or your social media efforts are overseen by a third-party marketing firm, this seminar will give you the tools to better understand what they should be doing to protect your reputation. The greatest uninsured asset of your firm or organization is its reputation. And since 97% of all cases filed in court are settled prior to trial, managing the Court of Public Opinion is arguably at least as important as managing the Court of Law. Understanding social media is a skill set that today’s attorneys and CEOs can no longer cede to others.

The confirmed speaker for this program, which is pending approval for one general Continuing Legal Education credit in the state of Colorado, is as follows:

Event Information

Thursday, March 11

8:00-9:00 AM MST

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